The Journey to Happy



I started on a journey towards being self sufficient and sustainable years ago. That journey has taken some twists and turns and I am sure will take some more. While at the moment I am not living on  a farm that is my end goal. For now I am going to be satisfied with being an apartment dweller who gets to make do with container gardening. Sustainability is about living with in our means, decluttering and making healthy living choices.

Currently I am working full time as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and going to school to become a nurse. The end goal of all of this pain and torture? The ability to purchase a small homestead and live comfortably with my animals, garden space and crafting spot. Part of that list is finishing up several of the books I have started and finally getting a couple of them published. Those trials and tales are for another time entirely.


Morgan, my little man. He is a bundle of laughs, unarguable logic and a great sense of humor. He too is a budding musician. While he is not as interested in the arts he is into Pokemon, technology, reading, fishing and anything to do with wildlife. He is my geeky redneck, as home outdoors learning to hunt as he is exploring anything science or tech related. We are definitely in for an awesome journey with this little guy.

I mentioned being a single mom so I probably should mention the heathens at this point. I was asked once why I refer to my children as heathens, I guess the person found it to be an insult. Honestly all children are or can be wild things running around needing to be caged and tamed. However, I have found that I prefer the wild, unpredictable behavior of children. I love it when they explore their world and discover new things without confinement and propriety taking over. There is time enough for that when they grow older. I have also been told that I should make them grow up and conform to social norms. Why? Is my typical answer. Why should I create unthinking, uncaring robots who just fit in? I want them to stand up and stand out.

Claire my beautiful daughter is the family artist, bleeding heart and my joy. She is active in our community through our church youth group, she is also a member of the front ensemble aka the pit in the high school marching band. Her world has endless opportunities. I am enthralled watching this child grow and become a young adult full of hope and dreams.

My family and I are continuing our journey to being sustainable. Even as apartment dwellers there are things that we can do to be sustainable. I am going to share our stumbles and triumphs and everything in between as we try to be frugal, environmentally friendly and bide our time until we can become self-sufficient. I hope that my readers learn that even the smallest change will help create a better future. All of us doing what we can will make a huge impact on today and tomorrow. We need to leave this world in better shape than we found for our children and theirs.

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